Compassionate in home care built on relationship, dependability and experience.


Jeanette DeLorge

Client Care Representative Jeanett-DeLorge

Compassionate care comes natural for Jeanette, with over 40 years of experience caring for patients in hospitals (including Austin’s Holy Cross Hospital), nursing homes, and in-home care as a Certified Nurse’s Aide. She enjoys helping people with all aspects of care such as monitoring symptoms, supervising patients, making decisions, solving problems, providing emotional support and comfort. She is particularly versed in coordinating care. Above all she is empathetic, patient and dependable.

Jeanette takes pride in being dependable, responsible, and compassionate in all her elderly, non medical, or in home care. She has been repeatedly nominated for Employee of the Month and Employee of the Year throughout her career and tenure. Nearly every patient she has worked with has continued to request Jeanette.

Originally from Austin,Texas, she is the oldest of 7 children. Growing up, Jeanette’s mother Nellie raised her 7 children on her own. For as long as Jeanette can remember, Nellie was a Nurse’s Aide who loved taking care of people. She was a very loving and compassionate role model for Jeanette, and remains so to this day. The most memorable point of her career was when Jeanette had the privilege of working alongside her mother, Nellie. Jeanette learned valuable lessons from that experience that go beyond what books teach.

Sandra Robinson

Owner & Director

Sandra-Robinson Born and raised in Austin, Texas, Sandra has been employed since 1996 at The Maids, where she learned the joy in helping and serving others. The Maids provide in home care for the house through their cleaning. She has cleaned houses, assisted in training, on boarding new hires, and performed quality assurance inspections. Most importantly, she learned how to provide an above and beyond customer experience, creating hundreds of loyal and well pleased customers. It has been a rewarding career to say the least.

Sandra promptly moved to Buda, Texas in 1991, after her daughter Sheralyn was born with Optic Nerve Hypoplasia, rendering her completely blind. With the support of a strong family base and a local organization, Any Baby Can, Sheralyn was able to receive valuable resources. Sheralyn benefitted from extensive occupational therapy, Speech therapy, orientation and mobility along with fine and gross motor skill therapy, Sheralyn has been able to remain in her local school system and able to graduate from Lehman High School. She was fortunate enough to attend Texas School for the Blind and Visually impaired where she learned consistent routines and meaningful functional activities. Social and emotional development, communication skills and community-based instruction were significant components in her agenda. Sheralyn is now furthering her education through the STEPS program at ACC attending classes such as computer fundamentals, business math and academics.

Sandra finds her relationship with her daughter to be most precious. Sheralyn has taught Sandra the true meaning of fairness, equality, unconditional love and perseverance. Being a single mother, Sandra is very close to her mother, Jeanette Delorge as she has helped provide stable and consistent support needed to raise Sheralyn. Sandra considers Jeanette an invaluable role model, sometime babysitter, and the best grandma ever to Sheralyn.

Who is Nellie?

Nellie Owner Sandra Robinson tells about the inspiration for Nellie’s Heart Caregiving in her own words:

Nellie is my grandmother. I believe she was the epitome of care and nursing. She was an extraordinary nurse.

She raised seven children, one being my mother, Jeanette Delorge on a very small paycheck in the beginning. She work very hard to make ends meet and provide for the family. She had a keen sense in her nursing field and excelled in her certifications and capabilities. She respected her patients and, most of all, she was compassionate towards others. My mother, Jeanette Delorge worked along side her to ensure dignity and respect for all the patients they had the pleasure to take care of.

Nellie2 Nellie was the most loving grandmother to us all. My mother Jeanette DeLorge had moved her into her home to provide her care she needed upon receiving the cancer diagnosis. I have this memory of her while in her last days, as I was suffering from a kidney infection, trying not to wake her as I was up most the night. The way she lay in her bed she could see me down the hall. Not realizing at the time, she had been awake and watching over me, telling me that if she could take that pain from me she would, as she herself is suffering from the effects lung cancer. She was a loving woman and continued to give with strength until the end. We lost her April 18, 1998.

You might wonder about the yellow heart in the middle of our logo. I have dedicated that one special heart to my Aunt Cindy. We lost her to lung cancer May 11, 2013. If ever there was a more selfless, giving, and honest person it would be her. She spent the last half of her life taking care of people, people with disabilities, special needs, elderly and the sick.
She truly understood people and knew unconditional love.

Nellie’s Heart Caregiving is dedicated to my grandmother Nellie and my Aunt Cindy. We will continue their mission by providing honest, intuitive care to all in need.