Nellie’s Heart Caregiving is proud to call Central Texas home and pleased to offer our non-medical caregiving services in Georgetown, Texas. With so many amazing retirement options in and around Sun City, Heritage Oaks, Wildwood, Wesleyan at Estrella, and many other communities, we are happy to help facilitate a more autonomous lifestyle for the senior in your family. Our list of services is extensive and depending upon the needs of the senior in your family, we can tailor a unique care plan to their individual requirements, that supports their desire to live as independently as possible while ensuring that they receive the assistance they need.

For our clients who could use a little help managing their home, or could use assistance in tasks including keeping up with correspondence, we offer home management support. Our staff can provide light housekeeping, laundry, grocery shopping and other errand assistance, planning and preparing meals, clean up, pet sitting, etc. Our home-helpers are eager to serve. Live in care and flexible round the clock plans and respite temporary care plans are available as needed under our supplemental care services. Our caregivers also provide support for hospice and home health providers.

We can provide companionship care as needed. This can be anything from addressing security and safety issues, providing supervision as needed, or even just being available to accompany your loved one to social engagements. In the case that your loved one needs more intensive assistance with personal care, we can help with personal hygiene, incontinence care, bathing, dressing, eating, medication reminders and much more.

For our clients with Alzheimer’s or other types of dementia, our knowledgeable staff can assist by helping you strategize security and safety plans, for both physical and personal security. Our caregivers are able to help with ambulation as needed. It is important to monitor behavioral and emotional symptoms and our expert staff will immediately report anything concerning.

Transitional Care Services are available to ensure that the process of your loved ones return home goes as smoothly as possible. Our caregivers can assist with transportation, help ensure the patient knows how to use any mobility device provided by their health care professional, and help with physical therapy appointments and regiments. Expert care is provided for our patients who are bedridden.

We believe that treating the whole person and all of their specific, individual needs are required to promote overall health, well-being and happiness. Contact us today to see how we can make this challenging time less stressful for you and your loved one. Give your loved one the best support in Georgetown, TX., and the surrounding Williamson County area- we look forward to hearing from you.