Personal Assistant / Home Manager

We understand that care during this trying time should not stop at meeting physical necessities. Our caregivers can be available to assist your loved one with a number of basic home management needs such as laundry, light housekeeping, meal planning, preparation and clean up, and tasks such as keeping up with correspondence and mailing bills. Assistance with house sitting, pet sitting, transportation and escorting your dear one on errands is also available. Any and all these things can be considered depending on the level of care needed while supporting your loved one’s independence.


Companionship and Caregiving

Each one of our clients is a unique human being deserving of a care plan tailored to their individual needs. We are pleased to offer more intensive services to ensure the highest quality of care. Keeping up with medications and prescriptions can be challenging and our loving staff is happy to work with the family and medical providers to track medication as needed. Companionship, community involvement and keeping up with regular activities can really make a difference and we are happy to support our clients being involved and active. As needed, we can provide help with personal hygiene, assistance with basic needs such as eating and other personal care.


Alzheimer’s or Other Dementia’s Care

Besides our extensive offering of services listed under companionship and caregiving, we recognize the unique challenges facing our patients with Alzheimer’s disease and other ailments impacting cognitive function. It is important to treat the whole person. Our caregivers will aid in physical support as requested by your physical therapist. Monitoring any behavioral changes is key to maintaining the best health possible and our experienced caregivers will keep vigilante to any mood and behavior changes that may occur. The security and safety of your loved one is our priority and you can rest assured they are in the best hands.


Transitional Care Services

From assistance transferring your loved one home from the hospital or another facility, to ongoing aid in navigating mobility issues, our dedicated staff is pleased to serve. We can provide guidance and support in aiding our clients with mobility devices such as walkers and wheelchairs and ensure they are used safely. If your loved one needs assistance walking and maintaining mobility, we are eager to help. We can attend and assist physical therapy appointments and ensure exercises are performed at home. For bedridden patients, our caregivers are well versed in how to provide the best support.


Supplemental Care

Our dedicated caregivers can be available just as often as you need them, when you need them the most. We can provide 24-hour service and live in care for patients that require round the clock support and assistance. Perhaps you need a break and want to ensure your loved one has the best possible care while you are unavailable? You can trust that our experienced staff will make sure that everything is expertly handled while you are away. For our clients using Hospice, our caregivers are happy to assist as needed or desired. Having extra hands can make a world of difference and our caregivers are happy to help lighten the load.