Determine if you are ready to delegate the duties that you have been doing yourself and ensure your loved one is comfortable with the idea of having someone from the “outside” helping out. When you finally decide to get some assistance in caring for your family member with special needs or an aging parent, many questions can arise as well as anxiety. The condition of your loved one will help you decide on the level of care you need as well as how many hours in the day you will need the assistance. Start with knowing your budget and note the priorities that are most important to you. Expect in home caregiving services to offer daily living assistance such as personal care, meal prep, transportation and light house keeping etc.

It’s time to start interviewing Agencies. Take time to ask open ended questions.

Is the Agency licensed by the state?

Find out about how their Nurse Aids credentials are verified?

Ask about the frequency of field supervision and performance assessments.

Ask if the Agency offers training and continuing education and if so, by who?

Is the Agency insured and bonded?

Will there be a back up caregiver in the event yours is unable to work?

Ask how the caregiver is chosen for your loved one and how much of your input is taken into consideration. 

Ask how much flexibility there will be in scheduling the service?

The rates. Is there a minimum? Overnight rate? 

Finding the right care will make all the difference in you, your loved one and the overall happiness of your family. It is one of the most important decisions that you will make. If you are interested in scheduling an appointment to further discuss with a Certified Nurse Aide, call Nellie’s Heart Caregiving at 512-361-0008. Serving Austin and surrounding counties.